Vatica takes care of your specific requirement, and testes regarding landscaping designing & Horticulture development. We put our best knowledge, experience with up dated facilities & procedures. We maintain quality in handling the project quality work for the entire satisfaction of our customers. Helps to make your life, colorful, Pollution & Chemical free through 'green way.” We Provide you consultancy, turn key and after care services i.e. services in the field of landscape, horticulture development including floriculture, fruit orchards, medicinal & organic farming, irrigation systems,( Drip, Puff up, sprinklers, Rain gun etc ) Water fall, Fountains, Rockery with Roof Garden etc. we deal in Pre Veda, Veda, Post Veda gardens,Varamihir garden,Mugal garden, English ( British ) garden, Italian garden,The French garden,japnise garden, Chinse garden, Formal garden,Informal garden and Modern gaden.

We also provide you the facility of soil testing, soil treatment & supervision layout plain for the organic manure, herbal pesticides at your farm. We also provide regarding horticulture development, all type of grass, annuals seeds and seedlings, all type of plants & planting material ( fruit, flowering, trees, shrubs, hedges, edges, palms, cycads, rhizomes, bulbs) Kuccha, cemented, plastic pots, Green nets, hanging baskets, garden equipments as lawn movers, Khurpi, phawra, sprayers, dusters, scatters and literature on horticulture included wormy composts, farm yard manure, composted khad etc.

Awards :
1- By Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev ji at APT packaging Laksar Haridwar.

2- Judging of flower show at Hirticulture Research Institute company bagh Saharanpur.


I am a born agriculturist and was educated in a reputed agriculture (including horticulture) college/ university and Started my career in 1989 as a Research assistant and farm manager under Dr. K.N. Sharma known Agriculture scientist, who guided me on every step in performing my field/ research in horticulture floriculture, medicinal & Aromatic plants and extension work.

1-Research assistant / farm manager (Indian Herbs)
2- Field Supervisor WIMCO LTD. (Agro farm Forestry Div.)
3- Research Officer (Jaiv Kheti) Natural meadias in advance agriculture
4- Agriculture Service Officer (Sarabhai Chemicals) As a incharge in U.P. & Haryana State
5- Farm Manager- Brij Gaon Nursery and Farm with Gaushala Haridwar